Studies to Restructure the Logistics Network of Large Companies

Consolidate operations by building on synergies Define new coverage area for each distribution center in the current scenario Simulate opening of DCs to ensure complete coverage and cost reduction Determine the required coverage to meet future demand

  • Geo-referencing of all stores and location of suppliers and clients at the local level
  • Analysis and adjustment of client’s database
  • Diagnostic of current distribution flows
  • Identifying needs and suggesting scenarios to simulate
  • Determining actions to consolidate operations for cost reduction
  • Simulation of scenarios to optimize the logistics network
  • Simulation of scenarios for the opening of DCs, considering current and future demand
  • Adapting optimized scenarios to the current structure in order to make implementation possible
  • Review of each scenario considering the logistics costs: transportation and storage
  • Measuring gains resulting from network proposals and detailing of individual impacts
  • Assessment of multiple possible scenarios for the quantity and location of DCs
  • Maintaining distribution centers as required by client, and optimizing location of new DCs
  • Recommendation of sequence to open new DCs to meet future demand
  • Review of logistics costs for each of the simulated scenarios and impacts in relation to the current scenario